Gift Certificates

Gift Certficates are available in any denomination, starting at $10.00, and may be applied towards our minimum order size of $30.00 for any product or service we offer.

It's Easy to Order!

  1. Call 1-888-SCAN-VAN (1-888-722-6826) and specify the amount of your gift certificate.

  2. Provide is your credit card number over the phone for instant service, or send us a check. Checks must clear your bank before the Gift Certificate will be honored.

  3. If you wish us to mail or e-mail the Gift Certificate directly to the recipient in your name, provide us that information and it will be sent that day.

  4. Or, we can mail or e-mail the Gift Certificate directly to you.
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Great for Kids!

Why not have each of your kids purchase a small Gift Certificate (like $10.00) for a loved one? Each Gift Certificate will be personalized with the respective child's name. The recipient can then combine the group of small Gift Certificates towards the products or services they want.

An Affordable, Classy Gift • Easy Shopping • Easy Delivery