Photo Restorations and Retouch

• Be sure to visit our Restoration Samples and Restoration Categories and Oil Samples pages to see typical restorations and retouches.

• 1-888-SCAN-VAN's digital artists have restored and retouched literally thousands of photographs.

• 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like something about the restoration or retouch, we'll fix whatever it is or you don't pay.

Collages. If you have two or more images that you would like made into a collage, we offer two categories: up to 5 and 6 to 8 photos.

Restoration. Scanned images can be restored for between $20.00 and $66.00. Your ScanVan™ technician will give you a firm quote after viewing the image and learning what you want done to it (recreate missing image parts, remove/add people, change a background, colorize, etc.).

• Once an image is restored or retouched, we give you the file. You can then print it out, create photo gifts from it, send it to others or put it onto the internet. It's your file.

Retouching is performed on only very recent or professional photos. There are three categories:

  1. Basic Retouch. Includes removal of blemishes, stray hair, facial shine, bags under the eyes, whitening teeth and eyes. Our most popular retouch.
  2. Deluxe Retouch. Includes brace removal and eyelgass glare, as well as all items covered under Basic Retouch.
  3. Glamour Retouch. Our "Magazine Cover" retouch. Take off 10 years, have perfect skin, get thinner thighs, arms or other advanced retouching.

Basic Retouch
Deluxe Retouch
Glamour Retouch
Light Restoration
Medium Restoration
Medium-Heavy Restoration
Heavy Restoration
Group Heavy Restoration
Small Collage - up to 5 images
Large Collage - 6 to 8 images