The original was an 11" x 14" picture that had been hanging on a wall in a restaurant for several years. Besides correcting the color, we centered the image by adding some wall on the left side and eliminated the unattractive texture in the clothing. The restored image was then enlarged to 18" x 24" with no apparent decrease in sharpness or detail and mounted on 1/2" foam core. Medium Restoration $32.00.
The original was a 4" x 5" picture that had been in a frame for many years. There was a "milky" cast on the lower left area caused by contact with the frame's glass as well as several severe scratches. We corrected those problems and improved the contrast. Finally, the image was enlarged several times and printed onto an 18" x 24" stretched canvas, with no apparent decrease in sharpness or detail. This was a perfect gift from the granddaughter of this gentleman to her mother. Medium-Heavy Restoration $43.50.
The original was an 18" x 24" photograph that had been in a frame for many years. It had become discolored and faded, with several chemical spots and wrinkles. We corrected those problems and brought back detail. The restoration was then reduced to an 8" x 10" size. A bonus of this job for the customer was our discovery of a second photo that had been hiding behind this photo in the frame. We restored that photo also. Light Restoration $20.00.
The original photo was taken in Japan. It had deteriorated over time due to improper processing when it was first made. The customer wanted the baby removed and her parents moved closer together. Since the baby was sitting in front of the mother's left arm and hand, our digital artist had to recreate those appendages. Heavy Restoration $55.00.
The original photo was 4" x 5" and had deteriorated primarly due to moisture. We repaired all the water spots and chemical stains while eliminating the tear in the lower right area. Medium Restoration $32.00.
The original photo had a long scratch on the car door and the year "56" written in ink on the lower right corner. The customer also wanted the image cropped to a 4" x 6" proportion. Light Restoration $20.00.

The original photo was skewed and had some scratches and chemical spots due to age. We straightened up the barn and telephone pole and made the man and his two daughters more prominent. Light Restoration $20.00.
The original 11" x 14" photo was scratched up a bit, and the customer wanted her step father out of the picture. We removed the gentleman, as well as the plant growing out of the woman's head, fixed the scratches, converted the black/white to sepia and reproportioned the image to 8" x 10". Medium-Heavy Restoration $43.50.
The original photo had chemical stains, some tears and part of the image missing on the left. We repaired the carpet tears on the bottom, rebuilt part of the man's right coat sleeve, added some wood on the right arm rest and seamlessly added some carpet. Although it's not obvious on the web picture above, there was a bumpy, silk texture to the original paper print that was eliminated, while at the same time keeping everything sharp. We then converted from black/white to sepia tone per the customer's request. Medium-Heavy Restoration $43.50.

The original photo had been laminated, and the laminate buckled and stained due to heat and improper storage. This photo was a mess! The checkerboard pattern on the coat of the man on the left and the pattern on the shirt of the man on the right were maintained perfectly, with no hint of the previous damage. Heavy Restoration $55.00.
Typical Restorations

In most cases, it just takes some straightening, cropping and minor fixes to make a "bad" photo into one that you'd be proud to display. The prices shown are for the restoration services only.

The original was a 35mm color slide with about 25 tiny dirt particles embedded in the film; those showed up as black spots and were removed. To make this image more acceptable, it was straightened and cropped to a 4" x 6" format. Then the color was corrected, and the lens flare on the man's left shoulder/neck area and the tree stump he's working on were removed. The result is an excellent image ready for display. Medium Restoration $32.00.
The original is a fine picture that needed a few adjustments. We reduced forehead glare, removed a spot on the coat of the man on the right, eliminated the eyeglass glare, eliminated the reflection of the man's medalion on the lady's throat and cropped the image to a 4"x6" format. Deluxe Retouch $10.00.