Our automated scanning system is unsurpassed in quality. We know this because we had competitors do jobs for us and we then evaluated the results. In total, we found them lacking in several areas. Some disadvantages were due to hardware/software and some were due to policies/procedures. Most were due to a combination of the two. It took us two years of research and development to find and modify the high quality hardware/software scanning systems we have today. Our policies are designed to make your scanning purchase from us a cost effective, easy and enjoyable experience. We guarantee your satisfaction!


  1. Photos were often physically scratched as they were automatically processed. This was especially true on glossy photos. We practice the pledge, “First, do no harm.”

  2. Most were too limited in the types and sizes of originals they could scan. We greatly expanded the range of sizes that still qualify for our lowest pricing, from 1.1" x 2.7" up to 12" x 18". That includes business cards, wallet sized and older 2 1/4" square 120 size photos on up to full tabloid brochures, drawings and other documents... all at only $0.15 each!.

  3. Most of them had YOU do all the work of removing and replacing your photos from albums. Our solution here was to offer full album page scanning services as well as photo removal/replacement services. We have found that the biggest obstacle to having your photos scanned is the amount of work you have to do prior to having them scanned; it's too easy to put off and forget about it.

  4. Other services charge extra money for resolutions higher than 300dpi. Our standard resolution for photo print scans is 400dpi. 300dpi is OK for 4” x 6” photos if they’re not going to be enlarged, but many photos/documents are very small (wallet size and others) and you want them to be larger. With our standard 400dpi scan, you can enlarge photos/documents to almost twice the size as compared to a 300dpi scan.

  5. Other services limit you to scanning only photos. We consider supporting documents to be an integral part of any story. For instance, printed programs that were part of a child’s graduation, or lift tickets that started off a great day of skiing pictures, or the actual drawing a child made while you took photos complete the story and add richness. Just look through your albums and you’ll find all sorts of supporting documents between the pages. Does it make sense to just toss them away or segregate them from your electronic images? We don’t think so. We scan a 12” x 18” document at the same low price as a 4” x 6” photo. The same goes for smaller items, down to 1.1" x 2.7". Also, we will scan ANY size document you have, large or small, thick or thin. After all, the story is the reason for the photograph in the first place.

  6. Most scanning services only scan one side of your photo, or charge you double do scan both sides. However, many photos have valuable and sentimental information written on the backs of them. We will scan BOTH SIDES of a photo/document at NO EXTRA CHARGE to you. Just ask us!

  7. Some scanning services require you to purchase all of their options instead of ala carte pricing. We feel that is elitist. For instance, we know that many of our customers have the time, skills and software to crop, straighten and color correct their images. Why pay us to do that when you can do it yourself? Don’t get us wrong; we love providing all the options you want and need. It’s just that we let you decide.